The Adventures Of Wolfhound Man

He´s Irish, He´s European, He´s Cosmic

Grey One

Hi There,

I am GREY ONE, and I should like to introduce you to: The ADVENTURES of WOLFHOUND MAN ..

And yes, I star in the story and have my work cut out for me.

Aliens arrive from outer space, on a mission no doubt, and I discover two of them wandering through the countryside.Of course, I stop to help them out and find that they are rather friendly aliens.

Together, we encounter the Great Wolfhound Man himself, in Glendalough, of all places.

coloured page from wolfhound man

He is always there, putting the world right.

grey one colouring

This version is a SPECIAL CHILDRENS’ EDITION, and here in my photograph, you can see me, colouring in the book.

Wolfhound Man, is a Celtic-Christian-Warrior, and this time, which is his time, he is at war with capitalism.

While I am helping the aliens, a journey takes place throughout Ireland. Visit Dublin, Cliffs of Moher, Glendalough, Waterford, Dingle and of course, the Great Blasket itself.

So stay awake.

There are other characters, of course, in the story, which include:

Lakedia, Seán the bishop, the Hidden people, Gardaí and more Aliens from outer space arrive.

I invite you, now, to journey through this New Adventure, which I am sure, like so many already, you are sure to enjoy.

I thank you for this opportunity, to say ‘Hi’ ..


Grey One