The Adventures Of Wolfhound Man

Launching The Adventures of Wolfhound Man


Friday 8th February 2008 saw the LAUNCH of The ADVENTURES of WOLFHOUND MAN, a Graphic Novella at the Book Centre, Waterford. It was created by Graphic Designer David Kearney, Along with one of Ireland’s foremost poets, Gabriel Rosenstock.

Wolfhound Man is an enigmatic Super-Being – a legend for this lifetime …

The unleashing of this new Super Hero was certainly celebrated in style at the Book Centre, Waterford. With celtic warriors, a Celtic Princess and free wine, 200+ copies have sold to date since launch.

What readers think about Wolfhound Man

  • “.... it's good, I keep returning to it”
  • Ben (student)
  • “.... your book is very well thought out”
  • Martin (Adult)
  • “....hi, book is great”
  • Beth (Primary Teacher)
  • “.... thanks David, am still enjoying your book, God bless”
  • Marc (Adult)